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A.I.C. Studio SRL Real estate and Condos Management specialises in the management and administration of real estate to deal with efficiency and expertise all issues related to the management of buildings in co-ownership and to provide advice on regulations.
The complex legal and tax, civil and criminal increasing responsibilities require multiple skills and extensive preparation that only qualified and organized study may offer.
The objective of the study is the optimization of costs, transparency of management and collaboration with tenants administered, all factors that are the basis for achieving excellent results.
The AIC studio comes from the passion and dedication of the Rag. Spartacus Sanchini who is the father creator and that in 1993 had made from his passion a real job.
Over the years the studio has accumulated experience in the field of the administration of real estate, condos, supercondominiums, commercial and industrial centres, expanding both its human resources,and his own field of action.
Today the A.I.C. studio is composed of the Rag. Christian Sanchini, who is dealing with interpersonal relationships and presides meetings with tenants;
next the Rag. Silvia Caleri plays the fundamental task of management of personal data, credit recovery and fiscal fulfilments;
by 2010 has become part of the A.I.C. study the Dr.ssa Chiara Caleri which deals with the preparation of reports and expense, management of suppliers and is always projected towards the search for all the innovations that can make more efficient the work of ddministration.
Currently the Studio has expanded and operates both in the territory of the province of Siena and in the province of Perugia.
The A.I.C. studio joins the "Associazione Nazionale Amministratori Condominiali e Immobiliari" (A.N.A.C.I.) and the "National Association of real estate European Directors" (A.N.AMM.I.), both present in the list of representative associations nationwide unregulated professions (art. 26 D.L. No. 206/07)
Christian Sanchini inscription ANACI n° 6412
Silvia Caleri inscription ANAMMI n° 9859
Chiara Caleri inscription ANAMMI n° M134
Studio A.I.C. Srl: Viale G. Di Vittorio,125 - Ph. 0578 64823 - fax 0578 654973 - 53042 Chianciano Terme (Si) P. Iva 01289360529 - www.studioaic.it - studioaic@gmail.com - studioaic@pec.it
Iscrizione A.N.A.C.I. (Associazione Nazionale Amministratori Condominiali e Immobiliari) n° 6412
Iscrizione A.N.AMMI. (Associazione Nazional-europea Amministratori d'immobili) n° 9859 e n° M134
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